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Before me is the Path.

To my left is Dark,

And my right is Light.

Balance is within me.

I am one with the Force,

And it is one with me.



I believe in the Force. 

I believe that the Force binds all things together, that acting within the ethics of reciprocity heals and strengthens those bonds, and that a healthy and flourishing society must adhere to these ethics. 

I believe that individual connection to the Force can be strengthened through meditation, gratitude, service, acts of compassion, and the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. 

I believe in open-mindedness. When I consider the many possible perspectives and practice true inclusion, I am celebrating the diversity the Force has gifted to us. By utilizing this gift I optimize our creativity, effectiveness, and sustainability.

I believe in an individual's right to choose their own path. I have a right and a responsibility to explore my beliefs and decide what those beliefs mean for me. Each individual's path must be respected, and their growth supported.



The Body is our connection to the physical world we live in. Through the Body we experience the sensations of connection: to the Force, to each other, and to the world. We honor the Body by working to keep it healthy through movement, nutrition, and appropriate medical intervention. 


The Spirit is our connection to the Force. It is the gem within us that reflects the power of the Force and the gems of all other beings. We honor Spirit by working to maintain balance and connection through meditation, service, and genuine fellowship.

The Mind is the connection between Body and Spirit. The Mind allows us to interpret the sensations and experiences of the Body into the deeper reality of the Spirit. We honor the mind by working to keep it flexible through continually learning, exploring new perspectives, and remembering that we are more than just our minds. 


Jedi Code


Emotion, yet Peace
Ignorance, yet Knowledge 
Passion, yet Serenity
Chaos, yet Harmony
Death, yet the Force


There is no Emotion; there is Peace
There is no Ignorance; there is Knowledge
There is no Passion; there is Serenity
There is no Chaos; there is Harmony
There is no Death; there is the Force 


Gray Jedi Code

There must be both dark and light.

I will do what I must to keep the balance, as the balance is what holds all life.

There is no good without evil, but evil must not be allowed to flourish.

There is passion, yet peace;

serenity, yet emotion;

chaos, yet order.

I am a soldier that walks the narrow path.

I am the wielder of the torch that lights the way.

I am a protector of balance, a guardian of life.

I am a Gray Jedi.

Legacy Code

I am a Jedi.

I seek to serve the Force. 

I understand that through it I am connected to all things, and all things are connected to me.

I recognize the inherent reciprocity in those connections and actively work to maintain it.

Where there is need, I act to fill it.

Where there is hurt, I act to heal it.

Where there is fear, I act to bring hope.

I foster my awareness of the Force, so that I may better hear its voice in all things.

I know that the Force is within me,

For I am one with the Force

And it is one with me.

Knight's Code

I am a Jedi Knight.

I find focus through the Force.

I use focus to find truth.

I use truth to choose actions.

I use actions to bring peace.

I use peace to cultivate potential.

I gather the potential of my mind, body, and spirit to light the Path for those who come after me.

I know that I am one with the Force,

And it is one with me.


1.I learn from every being that I meet.
Whether directly or indirectly, there are lessons and growth to be found everywhere. Jedi seek to uncover these growth opportunities and use them to better themselves.

2.I honor every being that I meet.
Everything has Spirit, and that Spirit has inherent worth. Jedi acknowledge and act based on this inalienable value in all things, at all times and under all conditions. 

3.I honor myself.
All beings, including Self, have inherent worth. Jedi acknowledge their strengths and their limitations without allowing ego to inflate or deflate their sense of their own inalienable value. 

4.I live in reciprocity.
Jedi know that every interaction is an energetic exchange, and that a healthy relationship requires equal energies on each side. Jedi ask permission, and abide by the answer. Jedi take only what they need and what the giver can healthfully give, and do not give beyond their own means. 

5.I honor all paths.
Jedi know that each path, no matter how different, is sacred. Jedi understand that while they may be responsible to many people in many ways, they are not responsible for others. Jedi walk their own paths, aligned with the Force as it speaks to them, without allowing undue influence from others. Jedi support others to do the same. 

6.I am humble.
Jedi know that they are imperfect. They find ideals within the Force and strive to align themselves with those ideals every day, but know that sometimes they will fall short. Jedi do not shy away from their failings, nor try to hide them. Jedi openly acknowledge their mistakes and learn from them in order to do better in the future. Likewise Jedi do not shame or judge others for their short comings.

7.I am compassionate.
Jedi look beyond surface differences to find the common experience beneath. Though every situation is different, all people can understand the emotions underlying each situation. Jedi seek that connection and find understanding through it. Jedi act on this shared understanding with an open heart. 

8.I am courageous. 
Jedi know that not everything is easy. Jedi acknowledge their fears, but do not succumb to them. Rather, they work to find the root of their fear and address it so that they can act, unencumbered by it. 


9.I am just.
Jedi seek justice with every action. Jedi understand that sometimes justice appears harsh, but that it restores balance. They know that titles, ranks, and other positions are not excuses to ignore justice.

10.I am steadfast.
Jedi defend the defenseless and stand by their fellows. They are firm in their beliefs and, while their beliefs may shift over time with additional understanding and wisdom, Jedi do not allow doubt to sway them. Jedi may rest, but they do not retreat.

11.I am flexible.
Jedi know that moving with the flow of the Force is the most efficient way to fulfill their purpose. Jedi look to the example of water to learn how to move through their lives and handle obstacles. Jedi do not resist change, motion, and movement; they know that to become rigid is to become stagnant. 

12.I use consultation. 
Once a Jedi has shared an idea, they understand that it is no longer theirs. The idea belongs to the group, who will examine it without bias toward the person who presented it. Likewise, the presenter knows that decisions made about their ideas are not personal and do not take offense or become prideful about their contributions. 

13.I acknowledge the oneness of all things. 
Jedi see that all beings, all moments, and all events are inextricably connected. They consider the unity of all things as they cultivate their actions, words, and thoughts. Jedi know that what affects one of us, affects all of us, and behave accordingly.


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