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The Council

Who We Are


Master Ashria

As an active leader in the Pagan community of his area of the coastal southern US, Ashria (he/him) uses this aspect of his spiritual path to bring rituals and a deep understanding of specific facets of the Force to his personal Jedi practice. He places a heavy emphasis on service in his own life, and to any community of which he is a member. He enjoys table top games and technology, and spending time with his wife and their menagerie of pets. Master Ashria is a member of the Guardian Discipline.

Master River

River (it/its) lives in a rural area of the southeastern United States with its husband, wife, two dogs, and a cat. It embraces its disabilities and neurodiversity as ways to bring creativity and "out of the box" thinking to LotSS, and enjoys exploring new perspectives. River's personal practice as a Jedi includes aspects of paganism and pulls a bit from the Baha'i Faith as well. River is an artist and musician and enjoys tabletop games, reading, and documentaries in its free time. Master River is a member of the Consular Discipline.



Master Zero

His many years serving in the US Army as a NonCommissioned Officer, Engineer and Infantryman mean that Zero (he/him) is well trained in leadership and strategic thinking as well as having a deep understanding of the bonds present in a smoothly functioning community. Additionally, Zero holds a Doctorate of Interfaith Theology that gives him valuable insight into the details of what it means to belong to and lead a faith based community. Zero uses this unique combination of knowledge and skills to inform his own Jedi practice and to support the LotSS community. Zero lives in the northeastern United States with his wife, children, three dogs, and impressive Star Wars memorabilia collection. Master Zero is a member of the Sentinel Discipline.

Master Rosalyn

Rosalyn J (she/her) joined the Jedi Community on May 3, 2012 and has been very inspired through 12 years of training. She is a Christian Jedi and has had success blending the two belief systems into an individual practice. Jediism features heavily in her work in mental health. RosalynJ is the “how can I help you?” Jedi and  has used her skills as an advocate, diplomat, and leader both online and off to provide support to each community in which she is involved.  For fun Rosalyn J enjoys reading, watching Family Guy, and online learning. Master Rosalyn is a member of the Consular Discipline.

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