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The following is a list of the offices and roles at Legacy of the Sacred Saber, a brief description of their functions, and a list of who currently holds those positions. Should you require assistance, please do your best to contact the appropriate officer.


The members of the Council are:

Master Ashria (President)

Master Zero (Vice President)

Master River (Secretary)

Master RosalynJ (member)

The Council is the governing body for the Legacy of the Sacred Saber. It consists of Masters of the temple and is charged with overseeing the harmonious functioning of LotSS in all of its aspects, including legally. The Secretary is the primary point of contact for the Council; should you have business with the Council, please contact the Secretary.


The head of the Clergy is:

Master Ashria

Active Clergy:

Master Ashria

Master River

The Clergy are the spiritual leaders of the Legacy of the Sacred Saber. Members ranked Knight or above may apply to the LotSS seminary for Clergy training.

Education and Promotions Board

The members of the Education and Promotions Board are:

Master River (secretary)

Master Ashria

Master Zero

Knight Tresalis

Master RosalynJ

The Education and Promotions Board oversees the smooth functioning of all training at LotSS, including rank Programs, divinity degrees, clergy seminary, and specialization Tracks. They ensure that requirements are met for rank promotions and degrees, and award them.


The Intake Officer is:

Master River (lead)

Knight Morkano (assistant)

The office of Intake is the "welcoming committee" for LotSS. They will typically be the first to contact new account holders and will help them to find their way around and get started at LotSS.


The Librarian is:

Master River (lead)

Paladin Atania (assistant)

The Library is a collection of resources - books, articles, podcasts, videos, etcetera - that LotSS recommends either for specific lessons or because of their relevance to general Jediism. The Librarian curates and maintains this collection as well as the Legacy of the Sacred Saber archives and FAQ.

Membership Affairs

The Membership Affairs Officer is:

Master River (lead)

Knight Silenus (assistant)

The office of Membership Affairs is tasked with keeping track of the ranks and degrees awarded to LotSS members. This Officer will always have a seat on the Promotions Board and serve as its point of contact.


The Security Officer is:

Master Zero

The Moderator is:

Master Zero

Security is the office that makes sure we as a temple and as individuals are safe, both legally and personally. The Security officer also acts as the Head Moderator. Moderators make sure that the guidelines and rules of the temple are being followed. They may issue warnings, time outs, or bans as necessary and at their discretion, both on the site and on our Discord server.

Systems Administration

The Systems Administrator is:

Master Ashria

The Systems Administrator (sys admin) has the responsibility of maintaining the technical side of the LotSS site and Discord.


The Discipline leads are:

Consular Discipline lead:

Master River 

Guardian Discipline lead:

Master Ashria 

Sentinel Discipline lead:

Master Zero

The Disciplines are three areas of specialization that members who are ranked Knight or above may choose to go into. The Disciplines are Guardian, Sentinel, and Consular.





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