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What is Legacy of the Sacred Saber?

The Legacy of the Sacred Saber is a temple for real world Jedi. We are a community that supports each other in upholding and embodying the spiritual path of Jediism by applying the principles and ideals of balance and peace in a practical manner in everyday life. 

What is a Jedi?

A Jedi is someone who believes in an unknowable power or energy that we call "the Force." Jedi draw from many sources to help us to define the world around us and explore our own personal Jedi path, including ancient and modern philosophy, other religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Paganism, and traditional and modern mythology including the mythology of the fictional Star Wars universe.

What do Legacy of the Sacred Saber Jedi believe?

We believe in the connective energy of the Force, and that this connection calls for a balance or reciprocity in our relationships. Beyond that, we feel that a Jedi's relationship to the Force is very personal. We do not hold to any particular set of beliefs beyond what is in our Doctrine, but instead support each other to discover and live our own personal paths and beliefs. There are Christian Jedi, Buddhist Jedi, Pagan Jedi, and people for whom Jediism is their only religion or spiritual practice. We cannot dictate someone else's relationship to the Force or what it means for them. 

How can I become a Jedi Knight?

Legacy of the Sacred Saber has a specific training course each person follows. The progression of ranks is Visitor, Initiate, Novice, Apprentice, Knight, Paladin, and finally Master. Each rank has a specific set of lessons and prerequisites that must be met before promotion to the next rank. 

How do I become a member at Legacy of the Sacred Saber?

To create an account on our site, please follow the "How To Join" link from our homepage; you will then be registered as a Visitor. Please note that you must be at least 18 years of age to hold an account at LotSS. At the end of the set of lessons for Visitors you will be invited to become a member of LotSS by signing a Code of Conduct Contract and filling out a membership application. 

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